Project Redemption

Oct 20, 2019

A sponsor’s life is hard. The project’s yours. For better or worse. People above are asking tough questions. Scope creep. Budget blow-out. Schedule over-run. Recovery plan?? And people below have no answers…

That’s a hard place. If you’ve been there you know it. But anyone who’s been there knows the first step to project recovery requires something even tougher. So tough, in fact, many sponsors shy from it. It takes a lot to admit you’ve got a problem. That your plan isn’t working. And you have no idea why…

And then there’s the responsibility. This is your baby and it’s your duty to bring it home. It might be easier to firefight, right? Get into the weeds… micromanage your way out of it? It’s an attractive option, but ultimately doomed to fail. A sponsor doesn’t get paid to be a PM.

Once you know you have a problem there’s only one route out of town. And that’s appointing a specialist. A recovery manager needs to be your next best action. Because it’s what you do next that counts, and unless that’s fronting up to the challenge and admitting you need help you’re just prolonging the pain.

Luminate’s recovery specialists cut through the noise with models that provide facts and business outcomes. Methodology agnostic, we’re here to deliver.