PMs – Natural Born Worriers

Dec 17, 2019

Let’s face it… worrying and PMs are made for each other. Managing projects is a tricky business, and the PM who says they never worry is likely a liar. Truth is, you’ll always worry about your project. It’s what you do with that worry that separates the good from the great.

The power of EQ in your project

A great PM will manage their emotions, their self-awareness and EQ helping them understand the impact they have on those close to them. Coping mechanisms to deal with stress and pressure are the key differentiators for the Type 2 PM, the “let’s get this done” breed. Whether staying composed with a challenging steerco or demonstrating a controlled calmness to the team, showing control and confidence in the face of overwhelming stress is catching. Watch a team led by someone like this – they tend to reflect the PM’s approach to pressure. There’s no emotional hyperbole, and emotional responses are calmly defused with facts. The positive bearing this can have on a project is hard to overstate.

The value of an emotionally intelligent PM

So what does this mean for your project? Put simply, the more complex the environment, the more emotionally intelligent you need your PM to be. Skilled in adapting to complexity, your PM needs to express emotions and behaviours appropriate to your environment.

Type 2 project managers with these skills build more productive relationships and achieve better delivery outcomes for your project. Your key takeout is this – EQ always trumps IQ when it comes to a PM. And if you’re worried your PM doesn’t have the EQ chops you need, remember… if you can’t change the PM, change the PM.