Need independent help to establish the facts about your project?

Luminate provides independent advice to our customers when projects are going off the rails. This is sensitively and professionally performed, with the outcome being the warts and all facts about your project, allowing you to make informed decisions on how best to proceed.

Establish the position
Explore options and impacts
Implement remedial plan
(Fixed Price Per Project)
Comprehensive Audit
(Fixed Price Per Project)
Comprehensive Audit
Recovery Plan
(Fixed Price Per Project)
$9,500$39,000TBC Post Audit
Scoping and Planning
Audit requirements briefing
Audit scope definition
ToR documentation
Stakeholder comms and engagement
Document and Process Review
Project plan
Resource planning
Risk and issue management
Change control
Business change management
Business case
Team capability and culture
Benefits management
Stakeholder management
Roles and responsibilities
Stakeholder Feedback
Anonymous questionnaire
1:1 interviews51515
Reporting & Governance
Summary report
Detailed report
Meetings with sponsor
Recovery Planning
Rebaselined scope
Rebaselined schedule
Vendor cost validation
Revised budget
Validation of risks and issues
Support with stakeholder negotiation
Comprehensive recovery plan & presentation

Other Governance, Advisory & Mentoring Services

Governance, Advisory and Mentoring - $3500 Fixed Monthly Fee
Up to 12 hours per month across:
Sponsor 1:1 advisory
Project sponsor training
Independent steering committee member
Mentoring and coaching sessions for PMs and BAs

As an independent consultant Luminate will help you get to the facts by establishing the accurate position of a project.

“When we needed an independent view of the health of Kiwibank’s projects we engaged Luminate. Their team of experienced and instinctive professionals, combined with Luminate’s no-nonsense project assurance model, provided us with what we needed – the root causes of problems, a clear and true view of each project’s chance of success and clear recommendations on the way forward.”

Mark Smith

General Manager, Enterprise Portfolio Delivery, Kiwibank